For ANY Christian Woman Seeking To Experience A Deeper Relationship With Jesus and IS Ready To

EMBRACE Your Breakthrough

…So You Can Step Into A Higher Level Of Yourself And Live Out The PROMISED LIFE God Has Designed Just For You!

Do you feel called to step into a deeper and higher level of your walk with the Lord and feel stuck in a cycle of striving?

Or even worse, stuck in a difficult or seemingly impossible situation right now?

Maybe this sounds familiar?

“How am I going to do everything I need to do in 24 hours and feel like a good mom, businesswoman, wife, and Christian?”

“How do I make it all work?”

“How do I stop feeling so pressured and stressed with everything the world tells me I should be doing and LIVE for the Kingdom in my day-to-day instead?”

Maybe you’re stuck in a relationship, addiction, self-limiting beliefs, dwelling on a painful event, or in a challenging work environment…

And you need God to dramatically intervene in your life right now?

Maybe you even need a reminder that God wants to EMBRACE you, and has something special just for you.

If you’re nodding “YES” to any of the questions above, then we want to empower you to your breakthrough!

Make today the moment that can change everything for you.

START EMBRACING Your Breakthrough

Behind Every Strong And Thriving Christian Leader Are Proven Kingdom Strategies And Mentors That Helped Them Step Into Their Boldness and Courage So That They Can Rise Up and Do Something Significant For The Lord.

Do you want your life to look different – to rise even higher and be an active part of what God is doing around you?

…However, you’re distracted, unsure how, and constantly striving… 

Feeling this pressure to perform, strive for perfection, and overlook what your soul needs because you’re too caught up in your to-do list…

Then everything I’m about to share is FOR YOU!

Hi, I'm Alita Reynolds.

And I know you’re not here by accident…

God told me to find you.

Not only to help you move into your higher calling in your life.

To also help you go much deeper in your walk with the Lord…

… Because He is calling and anointing you to do even more!

The world is more hopeless, desperate, hurting, and longing for something different in their lives…

They are looking for Jesus, an anchor to their souls…

… And WE have an opportunity to EMBRACE our breakthrough personally and, unlike ever before, to have an impact on those around us…

And show the world what Jesus can do in our lives!

It’s time to join our global community and movement of women…

Who are stepping up into leadership roles and pointing people to Jesus daily!

I Want You To Live Into The FULLNESS of Your Life

God has given me a deep passion for serving women like you…

I have walked through a lot of my own personal deep valleys…

And over many years, helped countless women walk through their own…

And I want you to know…

I get teary-eyed just thinking about it…

There is SO MUCH MORE to life than what you are currently experiencing…

God is capable of doing more than you can think, dream, or imagine…

And so much more is available to you!

God Wants You To Know The FULLNESS Of Life Available To You By Faithfully Living An Obedient Life.

No more people pleasing…

No more perfectionism holding you back…

No more performance…

No more comparing…

Instead, embrace what we really need to make room for: our Audience of ONE.

THIS is where He Empowers Your Breakthrough…

When you are focused on pleasing Him…

And NOT the rest of the world.

And that is what I desire for you!

You were created with a purpose, a job…

Your presence is needed, and this world needs you!

Those around you NEED you…

God creates the breakthrough, but He’s waiting for you to take that first step of faith.

Many of us are facing impossible situations…

Where we need a breakthrough.

And yet, most of us are sitting and waiting for God to make it happen…

When He is waiting for us…

To respond in obedience to what He has already commanded and already promised.

Find Your Freedom To Break Out Of The Grind Of Life And Live A More Balanced, Fulfilling, Content, And Calm Life!

You don’t have to be anxious, depressed, worried, fearful, angry, and struggling…

Because when you're in the flow of doing what the Lord has called you to do, you don't have to live with any of those negative feelings.

There is freedom when you are living a life of purpose!

When you are embracing your life with the Lord, you can experience fullness and freedom as you have never experienced before.  And this is what I want to help you experience.

I’ve been able to change my life and the lives of my clients by providing them with the Kingdom strategies and tools necessary to boldly embrace the breakthrough they have been waiting for and step into the destiny that God has for them – and I can’t wait to help you do the same!

For years, we have been empowering women to move into even greater transformation and impact by helping them discover God’s promises for them – a life of freedom, purpose, and breakthrough!


Many Lives Have Been Changed! 

Are you next?

Here Are Just A Few Of Their Stories:

“Alita, You have blessed my soul these past couple of days! You have a beautiful way of meeting people right where they are. Your story is inspiring and impactful! I thank God for using you. May God's glorious riches continue to flow in your life. Continue to do the will of God! You are a high-powered woman living a high-powered life in Christ. Love and blessings"

- Michelle Primeaux

“This group is absolutely something that will bring so much into your life! You will become part of a community growing to know and support each other in finding your purpose as God sees it. I have a growing sense of who I am as a daughter of the King, a safe and supportive place for learning, growing, and supporting each other. This is a great place to be reminded that true Faith brings wonderful people together. Alita and the team guide us in ways that can be applied and focused on within our lives and circumstances, using gentle and reflective methods."

- Nicki Lancaster

“Alita’s expertise is invaluable! She is relatable, warm, and a champion of women. Every session with her is focused, engaging, enriching… and fun! She gives me very practical tools to enhance my coaching business. I found myself counting down the days until our next session! Every session is packed full of encouragement to help me grow in spiritual strength. Alita calls out my identity in Christ and my ability to lead women effectively in my sphere of influence."
- Kristianna Fisher

Working with Alita was a true gift! Alita used her gift of tenderly asking questions to make space for the Holy Spirit to minister and renew my life. Being coached by her was an opportunity to be encouraged and strengthened. Alita said something that has stayed with me since our coaching sessions, “Just start.” That statement continues to be a simple yet profound challenge in my life. Alita ushered me to Jesus through my time with her, and for that, I am very grateful!"
- Jennifer Colby

Stories like these are exactly why we do what we do…

And now it’s your turn…

It’s your turn to take your first step toward complete clarity and confidence…

A life that is committed to making an even greater impact for the Kingdom…

Filled with more freedom, purpose, and breakthrough!

However, you don’t have to walk this path alone…

Let's Walk It Together...

We know the world is full of so many stresses and distractions…

Let us help you take a pause and hear the instructions from the One that created you.

First, by clearing your mind of distractions – so you see them!

And second, by identifying what is holding you back…

How? With support, love, and understanding…

And doing it WITH

Other like-minded women

A clear, structured path on how to get there

A coach and mentor that has done all of the hard work for you

You’ll do it “messy” to start.

And it won’t matter one bit.

Because you can come as you are…

And we need to start fighting back…

There is an enemy that is actively trying to distract, overwhelm, steal, kill, and destroy us!


  • Trying to figure it out on your own
  • Constantly distracted and second-guessing
  • No clear way out of major barrier
  • Stuck in a cycle of overworking with limited results
  • Stuck in comparison, perfectionism
  • Pressured to conform to standards of the world
  • Feeling like you don’t have enough time in a day
  • Feelings of anger, depression, and hopelessness


  • Clear next steps designed around your God-given calling
  • Become a strong and impactful leader
  • Reaching your PROMISED LIFE faster than if you did it alone
  • A life of freedom, fulfillment, and purpose
  • Living in God-given breakthrough, hope, and truth
  • Feelings of peace, contentment, and relief
  • Learn and do this with a community of like-minded women

It's Time To Go All-In On YOU...

START NOW!  Receive Instant  Access to EMBRACE Your Breakthrough Course for just $49

Start EMBRACING Your Breakthrough


For decades, the Lord has given me the pleasure of serving women like you every week. My husband GJ and I are the Visionaries of the global ministry Women of Faith.

And we have been helping encourage and equip women all over the world to move forward in life in a much bigger way in our Women of Faith Mastermind!

 I’ve been able to change my life and the lives of my clients by providing them with the Kingdom strategies and tools necessary to boldly embrace the breakthrough they have been waiting for and step into the destiny that God has for them – and I can’t wait to help you do the same!

For years, we have been empowering women to move into even greater transformation and impact by helping them discover God’s promises for them – a life of freedom, purpose, and breakthrough!

I would love for you to be a part of this global movement of women that are stepping up into leadership roles and pointing people to Jesus.

 Sign up for EMBRACE YOUR BREAKTHROUGH, and let me show you how to live out a life you didn’t even think was possible when you live in complete freedom and obedience to our loving and giving Father.

See ya soon!

Alita Reynolds                                                            

President | Women of Faith

Certified Master Christian Life Coach and Trainer (CMCLC)

Founder of Women of Faith Mastermind                                      

Host of the Women of Faith Show with Alita Reynolds


“I highly recommend Alita as a Life Coach for Christian women who are seeking to be more goal-oriented and make an impact in others' lives. I’m so thankful to have her input and mentor me through my own struggles, empathizing with and sharing her experiences. She is a great listener and advisor, attentive to what I need!"
- Tricia Groves

“Alita Reynolds, brings clarity, is very perceptive, and makes coaching look easy. This process has helped me dig deep into my spiritual identity, and she uses scripture like a power tool. She will personally get in your boat and row with you along your spiritual journey. If you are truly committed and invested, this will change your life!"
- Anne Odgers

“The Women of Faith Mastermind gives me a better God vision through my spiritual lens. I love everything about it, and every woman should be able to be blessed with the Mastermind. It's been mind-blowing! I would share this group with all my friends and tell them, ‘you need it!’"
- Nina Chang

“Participating in the Women of Faith Mastermind experience is like standing with your toes over the edge of a precipice, looking out over an ocean of trust, faith, and communion with the Lord. And then you jump."
- Tara Holdren

The Mastermind program has partnered me with other women passionate about going deeper with the Lord and walking their lives out with purpose. We share, learn, and pray together. I have encountered God in very powerful ways in a short time of being aligned with this group and using the tools Alita has shared with us. I now face each day with intention. I shut down distractions, make sure I spend time in the Word and create goals and actions that move me toward Jesus and His plans. Sometimes we need encouragement and accountability to take us to the next level in our spiritual journeys. The Mastermind program has been that for me."
- Karen Hyden

Start EMBRACING Your Breakthrough