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Unplanned Stories | Alita Reynolds & Ashley Bratcher

Unplanned Stories | Alita Reynolds & Ashley Bratcher

Ashley Bratcher, the lead actress in the pro-life film UNPLANNED, shares how this role inspired her to become involved in the pro-life movement and fueled her passion for impacting the world positively.

Ashley’s message is filled with hope, and Hope is not just a backup plan. 

Hope is made to root. So let it literally soak into your frame!

Even though she has dealt with mental illness, including bipolar disorder and depression, she has learned to give herself grace because God gives her grace.  Plus, it has been a blessing for her to have deeper empathy and compassion for other people.

Both Ashley and I share our personal stories of our unplanned pregnancies. We share our hearts for those who have chosen differently because they may not have known God’s heart on the value of every life.  We discuss understanding women who have chosen abortion brings compassion and grace for them.  We desire every woman to know their identity in Christ and find freedom despite any difficult circumstances of their past.

Ashley even had the chance to “turn the tables” during our conversation and ask me to share my personal story, the hurts, and the shame I experienced in my past.

Ashley comes from such a genuine, vulnerable position to share topics that are sometimes difficult to discuss.  And Her graceful heart will leave you wanting to hear from this brave and courageous woman.


Quotes to Remember: 

God sends us boats along our journey to help us through the floods. - Ashley Bratcher 

We have to embrace people at their lows and show them it's okay to make mistakes and make the wrong decision sometimes or to fall into depression or anxiety. We're only human. We’re not meant to be perfect. We need to meet people where they are. That's our job, as Christians, not to judge them or shame them. It’s to tell them their identity in Christ, which is so important, and to really be there for them. - Ashley Bratcher 

Hope is saying yes to carrying something before you believe that you can. - Alita Reynolds 

Hope is not just a backup plan. Hope is made to root. - Alita Reynolds

I’m wildly cheering you on, 

🤍Alita 🤍

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