Hey there! 

Do you sense a leadership CALLING on your life to make an even more significant impact for the Kingdom?

Do you know God is calling you to more than what you are currently experiencing in your life?

Then everything I’m about to share is FOR YOU! 

I know you’re not here by accident. God told me to find you.

Not only to help you move into your higher calling of leadership in your life but also to help you go much deeper in your walk with the Lord. 

He is calling and anointing you to do more with your leadership giftings!

Once you finally get clear on your God-given purpose and identity, you can practically and vibrantly live your life with deeper significance, passion, impact, and purpose.

We are helping encourage and equip women worldwide to move forward in life in a much bigger way!

We aim to empower women to lead and move into even greater transformation and impact by helping them build their solid foundation by understanding their purpose and identity.

I’ve been able to change my life and the lives of my clients by providing them with the tools necessary to boldly step into the purpose and destiny that God has for them, and I can’t wait to help YOU do the same.

I would love for you to be a part of this global movement of women stepping up into leadership roles and pointing people to Jesus.


Women of Faith Group Coaching is...

Coaching. Mentoring. Community.

If you’re seeking a deeper connection with Jesus, desire to lead others, and are looking for a supportive community to walk alongside you, you have found the right place!

 Here's what makes the Women of Faith Group Coaching membership truly special:

Transformational Coaching and Mentorship

Alita coaches and mentors during online LIVE coaching sessions to deepen your faith, cultivate transformation, and step into your God-given destiny. You receive personalized guidance, practical tools, and unwavering support all along the way.

Real Relationships

The journey of Spiritual Strength is not meant to be walked alone. Our community is an intimate space where leading women authentically and vulnerably share for true transformation. Experience the power of Real Relationships as you connect with a community of like-minded women who share your values and aspirations.


Here's What You'll Discover:

  • Simple and effective ways to identify and eliminate misconceptions about yourself and truly walk in your God-given image!
  • How to renew your mindset to align with the clarity and peace that comes from confidently walking with Jesus.
  • How to navigate the confusion and chaos intended to keep you from moving into God’s plan for your life!
  • Practical and vibrant ways to live your life with deeper significance, leadership, and intention.
  • Deep, meaningful coaching to align your heart with God’s heart, NOT just feel-good “fluff and stuff” that inspires you for a few days before fading back into your “normal.” Coaching and mentorship for women who are ready to be a part of a world-class community committed to excellence to live out the life of victory planned for your life.
  • Coaching and mentorship for women who are ready to be a part of a world-class community committed to excellence to live out the life of victory planned for your life. 

Your Membership Includes:


    • Tuesdays at 2 PM Central Time


    •  Rewatch or Catch Up on the Most Recent Coaching Sessions

  • Receive Instant Access to Uniquely Curated Getting Started Sessions

    • You don't even have to wait until the first live session!  Get started right away by developing your Promised Life Blueprint, curriculum specifically designed to get you started on this journey.


    • Godly relationships with like-minded women
    • Peer-to-Peer Support and Accountability

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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