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Seek His Truth | Alita Reynolds & Dr. India Logan

Freedom from Anger | Alita Reynolds & Dr. India Logan

Have you ever felt like anger was limiting you from accessing more of God in your life? Join us in this episode as Dr. India Logan and I have a deep conversation about the root of anger.

India shares how she was so angry and holding onto hurt stemming from a painfully abusive childhood. Her story of redemption and how she developed an early morning bible reading discipline in college that broke down the walls of anger to reveal God’s love story will inspire and challenge you. I love how His love story transformed her into becoming a reflective work of the healing Christ did in her life.

I had never heard it put like this when India said, “Anger feels like power while hurt feels vulnerable.” That resonated with me. We all experience hurt throughout our lives, and it is so important for us to submit our brokenness to the healing and redemptive grace of Jesus.

India's story can be an example to us all. We can choose to operate from a place of love instead of anger. We can choose to focus on the promises of God and the healing work that Christ did for us and in us.

Points to Listen for and Remember

  • What’s the cost of anger?
  • How can we cultivate and maintain peace?
  • Is anger itself a sinful emotion?
  • How does God look at our intention and motive?
  • Where does anger actually come from?
  • How does unresolved anger take root in our hearts?
  • A fearful heart reveals a lack of trust in God for His perfect plan in your life.
  • How our own unmet expectations of ourselves and others can lead to frustration, anger, offense, and bitterness. 

For more on the subject of anger and how to overcome its adverse effects on our lives. Here are more insightful resources. https://www.womenoffaith.com/anger

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About Dr. India Logan 

Dr. India Logan is an overcoming survivor of abuse who struggled with anger and bitterness. By God's grace, she has healed, overcome, soared, and now she gets to help others do the same.

She is a certified Christian Life Coach and Mental Health Coach, Educator, Public Speaker, and Published Author. Her doctorate of Education is in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis on Christian Ministries. She has a master’s in Psychology & a master’s in Theology.

Her expertise is in Spiritual development, overcoming shame and unworthiness, and implementing healthy boundaries with effective communication in relationships.

She is the author of Mornings With God: A Daily Bible Devotional for Women. Dr. India's greatest passion is God, her marriage, and her son.

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