A Blunt Awakening | Alita Reynolds & Ryan McGraw





A Blunt Awakening | Alita Reynolds & Ryan McGraw

A Blunt Awakening | Alita Reynolds & Ryan McGraw

In this episode, host Alita Reynolds had the privilege of interviewing Ryan McGraw, a guest with a powerful faith story. Ryan, who is currently working at NetWell, shared his journey of coming to know the Lord later in life and the impact it has had on his perspective, relationships, and career.

Ryan's Faith Journey: Ryan grew up without a strong religious background, but he always felt a calling from God. However, it took him some time to open the door and fully embrace his faith. He shared how a personal trainer who had strong faith and persistent conversations planted seeds in Ryan's heart and led him to open the door and embark on a life-changing journey with God.

The Impact of Faith: Once Ryan started his relationship with Jesus, his life took a transformative turn. He gained a deeper understanding of his priorities and the impact he wanted to have on others. Ryan's own experience of growing up in a broken family and reconnecting with his earthly father through his faith allowed him to extend forgiveness and find peace. This influenced his relationships, career choices, and how he wanted to raise his own family.

NetWell: A Community of Faith: Ryan also discussed his work at NetWell, a healthcare sharing ministry. NetWell brings together like-minded individuals who share medical expenses and support one another in times of need. Inspired by the early church's concept of caring for one another, NetWell fosters a sense of community, prayer, and holistic support for its members.

Ryan McGraw's faith journey and his work at NetWell exemplify the power of faith, family, and community. His story serves as a reminder to be intentional in our relationships, to invest in others, and to seek opportunities to support and encourage those around us. Through his experiences, Ryan demonstrates the transformative impact of faith and the importance of extending love and care to others, just as God has done for us.

00:03:16 God's timing is never coincidental.

00:05:50 Importance of listening to God.

00:11:49 The power of fatherhood.

00:17:36 Finding purpose in coaching kids.

00:24:20 God speaks in unexpected ways.

00:29:52 Be intentional and help others.



Ryan McGraw, Sr. Director of Ministry Business Development for netWell, a faith-based Healthcare Sharing Ministry, boasts a history of success across fitness, banking, ministry, fuel, and landscaping. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communication from Walsh University, he consistently excels and garners numerous accolades. 

Ryan's experience spans multiple leadership roles, overseeing over $2 billion in revenue and impacting 400+ employees over his career. Notably, his athletic background in college football and continued involvement in youth sports showcases his passion for competition and community engagement. 

Ryan is a dedicated family man, happily married, and raises three exceptional boys who excel both in sports and academics. Ryan's commitment to excellence and service inspires all who know him.


Alita Reynolds is the President of Women of Faith, Host of the Women of Faith Show with Alita Reynolds, Founder of the Women of Faith Group Coaching program, a Certified Master Christian Life Coach (CMCLC), and a sought-after trainer and speaker. She and her husband, GJ, are the Visionaries of this global ministry equipping women to live victoriously with Jesus. In addition, she serves the International Christian Coaching Institute (ICCI) by leading the Women’s Life Coaching model, where she trains and mentors women’s life coaches.

Alita’s life purpose is as simple as her upbringing on a Nebraska farm. She passionately inspires others to find Jesus by bringing out God's beautiful story in their lives. Alita encourages everyone to find their own God-given purpose and to live a life of excellence.

This all starts at home for Alita in Lincoln, Nebraska, with her husband and three adult children, Logan, Rees, and Lexi. When she’s not working, you may find her pruning her flowers, pickling cucumbers, throwing a sushi-making party, or simply enjoying the long summer days.

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