Seeing Breakthrough

Apr 17, 2019

Seeing Breakthrough

By Pastor Jason Noble, Author of Breakthrough to Your Miracle

We serve a God who still does the impossible. There is no problem or issue you’re facing today that God cannot break through and perform a miracle. If you need a miracle, take heart.

To see God break through in our lives today, the principles are the same for us now as they were during biblical times. They are simple principles to understand, but difficult to practice in the middle of a crisis. They are hard to live out when it seems like nothing is changing. Or, even more challenging, when you pray and things go from bad to worse. Talk about confusing and challenging moments. Or, what about when you are believing and praying for a miracle for your loved one and that loved one dies instead?

Those are difficult questions that can shake a person to their core.

No matter the outcome or what God chooses to do, the principles in Scripture still stand. These are the moments when you must go with what you know, not what you see or feel.

Scripture tells us that “all things work together for good.” Scripture didn’t say all things are good, but that we can trust the final outcome will be good when we trust and obey.

We can’t be driven by the outcome. We don’t get to control the outcome. That’s God’s job. Our job is to be at peace with whatever God chooses to do. We can also hold onto the fact that God promises to always walk beside us and carry us through the difficult times.

In times when the outcome is not what we expected, it’s easy to ask the question “why?” But that is not the question we need to ask. Many times, God doesn’t answer the why. You may not want to know the answer to the why. The real question should be, “God, what do you want me to do with what’s happening right now?” Let Him give you His divine strategy for the situation you are facing.

God’s timing is another important aspect. So many times we give up because God doesn’t work according to our timing. I can promise you God’s timeline is always going to be different than our timeline.

The good news is God’s timeline is always the best timeline. What I have found in my life is that God rarely works on our timeline, but He is always right on time. We have to trust His timing and the outcome of every situation we are facing.

Here are the two most important keys to seeing a breakthrough in our lives: believe big and pray big. We can’t pray big until we believe big. The answer to our big problems and impossibilities is big belief and big prayer. If you believe in a big God, you will pray big prayers and see big miracles.

What do big belief and big prayers look like?

We see examples of big belief and big prayer throughout the Bible. But what about today? Do we still see people with this kind of big belief praying big prayers? I’m here to tell you emphatically “YES!” We still see God breaking through and doing impossible miracles. Of course, the movie BREAKTHROUGH, in theaters Wednesday, April 17, is a true story of just that.



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