The Women of Faith Keys for Living books are designed for those looking for help and for those looking to help, the Keys for Living were created to help you … and help you help others. The Keys are great for personal study and growth, small group studies, and for teaching and training purposes.

What to Expect in the Keys:  You’ll discover God’s wisdom and guidance in a simple format.

  • Definitions help you understand the topic from God’s perspective.
  • Characteristics give insight into the different aspects of the topic.
  • Causes shed light on the underlying issues related to the topic.
  • Steps to Solution (Step-by Step) show you how to be transformed, walk in freedom and live in victory.


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Are you ready to be a blessing?

Caring for someone is no easy task. It often feels more like a burden than a blessing. These Keys for Living show how you can set boundaries and avoid burnout. Learn how you can maintain a positive attitude and gain practical tips on how to provide compassionate care.

A Blessing Instead of a Burden

Most people in need of caregiving are part of an existing family that should be responsive. Different family members will meet needs in different ways. God’s plan for caregivers is summed up in the word repayment – God is giving you the opportunity to repay your family for the care you once received. This care is given through meeting the practical/physical needs or by providing protection for a friend or loved one.

God is just as concerned about you, the caregiver, as He is about the one placed in your care. If you have a sincere desire to help others, the tendency is to assume too much responsibility and to overdo! Thus, you, as God’s chief instrument of care, can become disappointed, depressed and defeated.

Does someone you love need a caregiver? What if that caregiver is you? Caregiving can be one of life’s most challenging experiences and it can also be one of the most rewarding. At times, you will need help—and you may have to learn that needing help is never a sign of weakness. The Keys for Living resources will show you the difference between healthy and unhealthy care, how to avoid the burden of burnout, and how to maintain a positive attitude while dealing with difficult emotions. Discover God’s grace and guidance for you, even as you provide Christ-like care for others.

Women of Faith's Keys for Living Library provides biblical hope and practical help and to help you overcome difficulties, grow in maturity, and move forward in life. The Keys for Living were created to help you … and help you help others. The Keys are great for personal study and growth, small group studies, and for teaching and training purposes. Go deeper in your understanding and practical application of Biblical truth.



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