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The Healthy Boundaries, Freedom & Conflict | Alita Reynolds & Rita Murray

The Healthy Boundaries, Freedom & Conflict | Alita Reynolds & Rita Murray

Educational Psychologist, Coach, and Speaker Dr. Rita Murray and I discuss boundaries and the freedom of setting healthy parameters with those around us. This episode will inspire you to know yourself so that your “yes will be yes” and “your no will be no.”

Although Rita’s career and accolades are extensive, her humble spirit shines through because of her intentionality in relationships.  Her joyful spirit, on top of her humble spirit, will definitely lead you to be inspired by Rita.  

Rita Murray shares how she grew up with a remarkable ability to memorize things. For example, she memorized the entire book of Philippians when she needed the Word readily available as she walked through a difficult time. 


Quotes to Remember: 

I laugh at myself more when my husband tells me I’m being overly CONTROLLING. - Rita Murray 

My first blind date came to the door with a personality assessment for me. - Rita Murray 

I decided to make a list of qualities that I wanted in a future husband. - Rita Murray 

In every relationship, we have the opportunity to minister to that person. - Rita Murray 

 “Ain’t it awful” is not found in scripture. - Rita Murray 

I’m not the best at conflict. I just want to continue to learn and teach others. - Alita Reynolds

If you want to learn about yourself, go through the process of being a certified life coach. - Alita Reynolds 

I am responsible for what is me and not responsible for what is not me.  The point of boundaries is for me to understand where I start and where I end.  - Alita Reynolds 

You can live life without constant guilt.  You can establish boundaries in your life so that when you say yes – you mean yes and hold to it.  When you say no – you mean no – and you will hold to it and know it is the healthiest answer for yourself. - Alita Reynolds 


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