Renew Your Mind | Alita Reynolds & Karen Conrad

Entrepreneur and TV Show Host, Karen Conrad, shares her story of how God redeemed her traumatic past and how she has dealt with many trials in her life that could have paralyzed her with fear.  Instead, she has chosen to be empowered by Jesus and live an abundant life.

One BIG Takeaway: 

Watch what “movies” you play in your mind. Even when your situations are challenging. 

Pay attention to where your thoughts go and realign them with truth and scripture. God gave us an imagination for good, not to be captured by the enemy.  Instead, steer your thoughts toward Him. Stop the movie in your mind! Ask the LORD to show you what He sees in the situation.

Quotes to Remember: 

God has a purpose and plan for your life. - Karen Conrad 

When you have a heart to line up with His purpose, He will ensure success.  We don’t have to be perfect.  Success is already there for you to walk along His path with Him. - Karen Conrad 

Watch what “movies” we play in our mind - Karen Conrad 

Fear is a voice that is from the enemy. - Karen Conrad 


I’m wildly cheering you on, 

🤍Alita 🤍


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