Seasons of Friendship - Alita Reynolds & Kytia L'amour

Seasons of Friendship | Alita Reynolds & Kytia L'amour

In this episode, host Alita Reynolds, president of Women of Faith, sits down with special guest Kytia L'amour to discuss two important topics: seasons of friendship and God's purpose for your life.

The conversation begins with Alita expressing her admiration for Kytia's work on YouTube and the impact she has had on the kingdom through her ministry. They reflect on their friendship, which has developed over the past two years, and the importance of having friends who share the same purpose and values.

Kytia shares her personal experience of moving around a lot as a child and not having lifelong friends. She emphasizes the importance of finding common ground and purpose in friendships, particularly in her own life, where her faith in God is a central aspect. She also discusses the ebbs and flows of close relationships and the need to let go of fear and expectations in order to build genuine connections.

The conversation then shifts to the topic of God's purpose for our lives. Both Alita and Kytia emphasize the significance of surrendering every area of our lives to the Lord and seeking His guidance in decision-making. They discuss the fulfillment and joy that come from living out God's purpose and the importance of surrounding ourselves with friends who support and encourage us in our calling.

Throughout the episode, Alita and Kytia share personal anecdotes and insights, highlighting the importance of deep, meaningful friendships and the role they play in living out God's purpose. They encourage listeners not to give up on their purpose and to hold on to their faith, even in the face of challenges.

Overall, this episode provides valuable insights into the seasons of friendship and the significance of living into God's purpose for our lives. It serves as a reminder to seek genuine connections and surround ourselves with friends who uplift and support us in our journey.

[00:02:48] Seasons of friendship.

[00:04:30] Purpose in healthy friendships.

[00:07:31] Prayer and aligning desires.

[00:10:30] Dreams and visions.

[00:14:21] Seasons of friendships.

[00:16:55] Needing Jesus vs. needing friends.

[00:21:19] Friendship and expectations.

[00:23:05] Purpose and shared passion.

[00:26:38] Surrendering to Jesus in all areas.

[00:30:03] Don't give up.



Kytia L’amour is the founder of L’amour in Christ, a ministry started in 2016 that encourages women to find their true identity in Christ and pursue their God-given purpose. Visit to keep up with her latest content and to learn about her latest books.


Alita Reynolds is the President of Women of Faith, Host of the Women of Faith Show with Alita Reynolds, Founder of the Women of Faith Group Coaching program, a Certified Master Christian Life Coach (CMCLC), and a sought-after trainer and speaker. She and her husband, GJ, are the Visionaries of Women of Faith, a global ministry equipping women to live victoriously with Jesus. In addition, she serves the International Christian Coaching Institute (ICCI) by leading the Women’s Life Coaching model, where she trains and mentors women’s life coaches.

Alita’s life purpose is as simple as her upbringing on a Nebraska farm. She passionately inspires others to find Jesus by bringing out God's beautiful story in their lives. Alita creates opportunities to encourage everyone to find their own God-given purpose and to live a life of excellence.

This all starts at home for Alita in Lincoln, Nebraska, with her husband and three adult children, Logan, Rees, and Lexi. When she’s not working, you may find her pruning her flowers, pickling cucumbers, throwing a sushi-making party, or simply enjoying the long summer days.

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