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Faith Calling Over Vocational Calling | Alita Reynolds & Paula Faris

Faith Calling Over Vocational Calling | Alita Reynolds & Paula Faris 

Award-winning journalist and podcast host Paula Faris shares her personal struggles with identity and fear with me. 

Paula's book "Called Out" reflects on what it truly means to find your calling. Her passion is for everyone to understand the difference between your vocational calling (which is what you do) and your faith calling (which is who you are). 

This powerful message will help you find the freedom of God's calling in your life!

When I asked her about our calling, Paula said: “There's this message that we're born to do one thing, and we have to find that one thing, right? That one thing is always related to DOING. But guess what? We're going to change jobs, we're going to change careers. If we put our identity in that one career, and we lose it, we are going to have an identity crisis. This is why I think we really need to do a much better job of saying our calling isn't just our career, and our value isn't just our vocation. Our worth isn't just our work. Our purpose should never be tied to a job because jobs are going to change. And if it changes, and your significance is tied up in it, then you're gonna have no idea who you are outside of it. This happened to me, which is why I wrote my book, Called Out.”

Paula encourages everyone to press in when facing fear.  “Fear of failure is the most common fear that we face as humans. And yet we feel so alone and isolated like you’re the only one that feels like this. Press into fear. Fear is normal.”

I hope and pray you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it for you! 

I'm wildly cheering you on,


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