Redemption and Recovery After Discovering His Porn Use | Alita Reynolds + Kirsten D Samuel

Redemption and Recovery After Discovering His Porn Use | Alita Reynolds + Kirsten D Samuel

Redemption and Recovery After Discovering His Porn Use | Alita Reynolds + Kirsten D Samuel

In this powerful and eye-opening episode, I sit down with Kirsten D. Samuel, a dedicated and compassionate advocate for women dealing with the fallout of their husband's pornography addiction. Kirsten shares her deeply personal journey when her husband confessed to being caught watching porn, a revelation that nearly shattered their 25-year marriage.

Key Points Discussed:

  1. Initial Shock and Emotional Turmoil: Kirsten recounts the moment her husband revealed his addiction and the immediate emotional collapse she experienced. She describes the disbelief, anger, and the overwhelming question, "How did I not know?"
  2. Seeking Help and Finding Hope: Kirsten emphasizes the importance of seeking professional help immediately. She shares how a colleague's name, Kathy, came to her mind, leading to a pivotal counseling session that offered the lifeline phrase, "This does not have to be fatal."
  3. The Journey of Recovery: Kirsten and her husband embarked on a grueling but transformative recovery process. She highlights the importance of authenticity, hard work, and the willingness to change deeply ingrained habits and behaviors.
  4. Kirsten's Ministry and Mission: Today, Kirsten runs a ministry dedicated to helping women who discover their husband's pornography addiction. She provides initial support, helping them breathe and understand that the situation is not fatal. Kirsten's mission is to guide these women through their pain, offering hope and practical steps for recovery.
  5. The Pervasiveness of Pornography: The discussion touches on the widespread nature of pornography, affecting both men and women. Kirsten shares alarming statistics about early exposure and the normalization of porn in society, stressing the need for open conversations and proactive measures.
  6. Practical Advice for Women: Kirsten offers practical advice for women dealing with a partner's pornography addiction, including seeking professional help, understanding their own significance, and focusing on what they can control. She also addresses the difficult scenario where the partner does not want to change, emphasizing the need for safety and professional mediation.
  7. Personal Convictions and Changes: Kirsten shares personal changes she made to guard her heart and mind, such as avoiding certain books and movies. She underscores the importance of being mindful of what we consume through our eyes and ears.
  8. Encouragement and Final Thoughts: Kirsten leaves listeners with a powerful message about eternal significance and the importance of not staying silent. She encourages women to seek help and assures them they are not alone.

I deeply admire Kirsten's courage and dedication to this challenging ministry. Her story is a testament to the power of faith, resilience, and the transformative potential of seeking help and embracing authenticity. If you or someone you know struggles with similar issues, I urge you to contact Kirsten for support and guidance. Thank you for listening, and remember, you are never alone.




Kirsten D Samuel a coach, author, and speaker, understanding first-hand the shock and pain of discovering your spouse’s porn use. She passionately points others to God’s redeeming grace, and empowers women to heal their broken hearts, regain confidence, and create a healthy path forward. A survivor of clinical depression and PTSD, she chooses a life of authenticity, love, faith, fun, and forgiveness.  To contact her, visit https://kirstendsamuel.com/



Alita Reynolds is the President of Women of Faith, Host of the Women of Faith Show with Alita Reynolds, Founder of the Women of Faith Group Coaching program, a Certified Master Christian Life Coach (CMCLC), and a sought-after trainer and speaker. She and her husband, GJ, are the Visionaries of Women of Faith, a global ministry equipping women to live victoriously with Jesus. In addition, she serves the International Christian Coaching Institute (ICCI) by leading the Women’s Life Coaching model, where she trains and mentors women’s life coaches.

Alita’s life purpose is as simple as her upbringing on a Nebraska farm. She passionately inspires others to find Jesus by bringing out God's beautiful story in their lives. Alita creates opportunities to encourage everyone to find their own God-given purpose and to live a life of excellence.

This all starts at home for Alita in Lincoln, Nebraska, with her husband and three adult children, Logan, Rees, and Lexi. When she’s not working, you may find her pruning her flowers, pickling cucumbers, throwing a sushi-making party, or simply enjoying the long summer days.


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