Be Yourself!

Jul 09, 2019

I remember a poster I saw a long time ago. It was a picture of an adorable red-headed little boy blowing a big, huge bubble, and the caption read, “Be Yourself– Who else is better qualified.” This isn’t the picture, but there’s something about the little boy in this picture I adore!

As I’ve grown in life and in my walk with Jesus, the truth in this saying has become more and more real and more and more important. It has taken me a very long time to accept the fact that I’m a quirky, weird, artsy-fartsy creative person. I don’t like living in a box and will fight anyone who tries to put me in one. I guess I’m just wired to be weird!

As I let God be my mirror and not the world, I see the beauty of His workmanship in my life. Every experience, every victory, every defeat, every piece of me and my quirky personality He intends to use for His good. He created me on purpose for a purpose, and He empowers me to fulfill the purpose that is uniquely mine.

Every time I question my worth, every time I feed my insecurity I’m in effect questioning God’s work, like maybe He made a big fat mistake.

God doesn’t make mistakes.

No one else on earth can do exactly what God created me to do. And no one else can do what God created you to do either! No one else in all the earth is qualified to be you!

Isn’t that cool!

The Good News for all of us and truth that we all need to cling to tightly is God loves what He created…You! You are made in His image and He delights in you. Tell your insecurity to take a hike. It has no place in your life when you remember who you are and whose you are!

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.
Ephesians 2:10 (NLT)

You, my friend, are a masterpiece, uniquely created to live out God’s plan for your unique, messy life. I implore you, don’t try to squeeze into some man-made mold and be who everyone else thinks you should be. That will only lead you to frustration.

And please don’t play the comparison game, thinking everyone else has gifts that you don’t. You have YOUR gifts and you have YOUR plan. Celebrate it. Don’t get caught up in looking at other people’s lives on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and thinking they have something so special and you don’t. Stop it! Comparing yourself to others will never get you one single step closer to your plan and your purpose.

I struggle myself with this comparison issue, just like you do, my friends, so I’m speaking this into my life as well as yours. Aren't you tired of thinking you're not good enough or gifted enough or anything enough. It’s simply not true.

Instead, won't you join me in my quest to gaze into God’s holy mirror and see the beauty God sees in us. Let the love that is reflected back to us empower us and make us ready and willing to step into our purpose with confidence.

Remember above all else to be you…Who else is better qualified!


Jill Miller

Voice for Women of Faith

Join me as a Women of Faith Ambassador! 


A living “Energizer Bunny,” Jill Miller has a zest for life that is contagious! With humor and honesty, she shares her personal struggles and how God showed up in the midst of them. Through her songwriting, speaking and writing, she is simply a friend telling her story, hoping it will touch your heart, encourage you in your struggles, and inspire you to keep reaching for your full potential. Her spiritual insights are relatable, insightful, and can be practically applied to your life.

Jill realized a dream when she was named one of the new Voices of Women of Faith, and she loves serving the organization by being a mentor for the Ambassador program. Jill is also their Director of Development and serves as a worship leader and speaker as well.

Jill is a singer/songwriter and Nashville recording artist. She recently released her 6th CD entitled “Twelve, the Freedom Soundtrack.” 

Jill is also a certified speaker, coach and teacher with the John Maxwell Team and has written the first ever theme song for the John Maxwell Team. She recently released an online course entitled “Writing the Song of Your Life,” which is a 7-week journey to discovering your purpose and stepping into your unique calling, the song God has given you to sing!


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