Perspective of Purpose

Jun 04, 2019

PERSPECTIVE of PURPOSE.  In order to fulfill our calling, we must be selective in the things we look for in life.  I’ve been around the block more than once! I’m over 40, married, and have two beautiful kids. The more life I experience and circumstances I face, the more I'm convinced that if we as women truly desire to live out our God given purpose and destiny, we must follow God with our whole hearts and maintain a passionate faith walk. Yes, the perspective we maintain actually determines the purpose in which we walk in.

As women it's easy to become distracted and miss the plans and purposes God has for our lives because our focus is on unimportant, insignificant things (that just happen to be screaming the loudest for our attention!). Instead of focusing on the bigger picture and prioritizing what we are faced with, we often get side-tracked and distracted by the immediate, seemingly urgent elements of life, rather than the things that are actually important and will have an eternal impact. So many people spend time on Facebook when we should be getting our face IN the BOOK so God can speak to us in greater ways!

Colossians 3:2 reminds us to “set your mind on things above, not earthly things.” In order to make God bigger in our lives, we must decide to not exhaust our energy on the small things, such as our problems or present circumstances. Let's choose today to use discretion in the things that we spend our time thinking about, listening to, speaking out loud, and giving our attention to.

I love how our problems that may seem so overwhelming are actually made small in the light of His greatness. God is bigger than any opposition, disease, crisis, question, struggle, frustration, hurt, or offense. Refuse to spend one more minute magnifying the enemy and His plans. (The last time I checked, the devil was small enough to fit under my feet and God is big enough to fill heaven and earth!)

Determine today that you are going to spend the rest of your life focused on the bigness of God, seeing through His eternal perspective, in order to live your life for a purpose so much greater than yourself. You have such a great future and destiny!


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