Five Ways To Worship When You Are Weary

Mar 11, 2019

Five Ways To Worship When You Are Weary

It’s not easy to keep going when you’re tired. Fatigue zaps us of our strength. Weariness wears on your soul like a rung-out dish cloth. How do you keep going when you’re all out of “go?” What’s the secret sauce to getting your spiritual fervor back?

I think it’s different for everybody. You and God are the only ones who know exactly what you have gone through and what you’re currently going through. Even the people going through difficulties with you don’t fully understand because they aren’t you. They don’t have your perspective, history, etc. Your perception and experiences are unique to you.

But let me offer you five strong ways to worship when you are weary. These aren’t magic bullets, but they do work if you work them. Why? Because…

Worship is a weapon.

Worship does spiritual warfare.

Worship is a nuisance to the enemy.

Worship is not just about God. It’s about you. It centers you. It changes your attitude. It awakens you. It stirs up the Holy Spirit inside of you. It makes you more aware of God’s powerful presence.


  1. Hold out your hands. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I need a physical action to display my inward reality. My tendency to clench, clamp down, and control sends me into a posture of tight-fistedness. Instead of white-knuckling it, open up your hands. Stretch your hands out first thing in the morning and give God full access to your life and heart. This outward action will remind you of your inward, spiritual posture. Breathe in and out as you hold out your hands and release the tension.
  2. Listen and soak up worship music.I have a “personal soak” playlist of my favorite worship songs on Spotify. That’s exactly what I do with it. I sit and soak. I don’t do much while I’m listening to it. I sip on my coffee and breathe while the words and music are sung over me. These songs remind me of God’s true, steady character. If you like to sing, sing along – by all means. Soak your soul in the Spirit. There’s plenty of great worship music out there. Make your own list and soak daily. If you need a great album to start with, check out The Belonging Co: Cover The Earth album. It is so good.
  3. Be still.This is simple enough, but I’m amazed at how many times I reach for my phone, social media, or some other distraction. Say no to distraction and set a timer to be still. Listen to yourself breathe in and out. Be reminded that God is on the throne, and your every breath comes from Him. During this time, if you hear God whisper something, write it down. If you do get distracted and think of something you need to do later in the day, write it down quickly. Then get back to being still. I literally set a timer because otherwise I’ll just “Squirrel!” my way into some kind of activity. 
  1. Declare the goodness of God out loud.Maybe you’ve heard this saying, “Don’t tell God about your problems. Tell your problems about your God.” I like that. It sounds like positive mumbo-jumbo, but it’s great wisdom. We can focus on our problem, or we can focus on the power, strength, might, and compassion of God that empowers us to get throughour problem.

Sometimes our bodies forget how good God is.

When I was at a women’s retreat a few months ago, I woke up with severe abdominal pain. In that moment I heard God nudge me to play worship music over my stomach; to actually press my phone into my abdomen. “Tell your pancreas that I am good.” What a strange nudge. So I did it, and 20 minutes later, my pain stopped. If you don’t know where to start in proclaiming the goodness of God, pick a Psalm and start there. Psalm 27, 91, 97 or 103 are great for declaring His goodness.

  1. Read a good Jesus-filled book.Obviously read the Bible, but don’t feel guilty if you need something in addition to propel you through your weariness. Find something interesting that will boost and energize your spirit. Find a truth-packed book that refuels you. Make sure it’s enjoyable.

Whatever season you’re in, I pray your soul gets rest and refreshment along the way. I challenge you to worship your way through every circumstance. It will lift your perspective and give you joy.



Rachel Barrentine


Rachel is a Singer/Songwriter/Speaker living in Nashville, TN. She ignites fresh faith through music, speaking, writing, and laughter. Her journey through years of chronic illness has deepened her faith, music, and messages. Rachel lives with her husband Derek, and their favorite old dog, Joey Smiley Wiggle Socks.
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