Lesson Number One

Stop waiting for God to do what God is waiting for you to do.

What a great joy to be traveling with Women of Faith on The Farewell Tour for the original speakers that I call The Sensational Six. Of course we are minus one: Barbara Johnson, the first Woman of Faith I called, who is now sticking geraniums in her hat in heaven. I have learned so much working with these women; hearing them speak from their hearts and watching them live lives beyond anything most of them ever expected. No one expected Women of Faith to still be meeting in arenas 20 years after its first conference in Pasadena where 2,100 women filled a church and 300 watched it in a chapel on a wide-screen television set. But God blessed this movement of women that has helped so many find the truth that set them free.

As I have been speaking in the first two conferences I have been sharing from a list of ten things I have learned over the years. Each lesson in one way or another comes from the lives of the speakers or the talks the speakers give about their lives. I have nailed down ten but there are so many more than the ten. In this writing I present you with the first lesson and the most important lesson I learned. I learned it from the moment I started talking to the women about going on a speaking tour together and committing to be together as a team rather than on their own.

God needs strong women making bold moves.

Lesson Number One is this: Stop waiting for God to do what God is waiting for you to do. So often I have seen someone implement this principal and it alone began to change everything. Of course, waiting on the Lord is a very biblical principal. God actually renews the strength of those who wait upon Him. But using “waiting on the Lord” as an excuse to not do what you know you need to do, or an excuse to continue to do what you know you need to stop doing, is anything but biblical or honoring of God.

God needs strong women making bold moves. After an extensive study of Scripture I can assure you that nowhere have I found a woman called to be a doormat or floor-mat or any other kind mat. He calls you to be strong force in the church. He calls you to make bold moves that will benefit your family for generations to come. He calls you to a whole new life where you are working out of your strength, not false weakness.

I have found that women instinctively know what to do. Your tummy tells you. It is your gift of intuition that leads you in the right direction along with the power of the Holy Spirit. Einstein said that intuition was the gift and the rational mind was to be the servant of it. Sadly, women silence their tummies or intuition with excuses to do nothing or excesses that provide temporary relief only to leave worse wounds that needed to be comforted in the long run.

Men don’t speak “tummy.” Only women have the gift of intuitive tummies and if you have silenced yours or if you have been dating a man that wants you to silence yours it is time to do whatever you need to do to tune into the gift God has given you and respond to it.

Just today I asked a woman if she thought God wanted her to be happy or have character. She said “to have character.” I said “I think you are right and that is why you have to stop waiting for God to plop a husband onto your doorstep. If He wanted you to be happy, He would bring a perfect man to meet all your needs and you would not grow and you would not need God. But instead He expects you to do whatever it takes to be the best future spouse you can possibly be and make best informed decision you can make about the man best suited to spend the rest of your life with you. Do that, and the by-product will be lasting happiness.”

When I asked the original Women of Faith speakers to speak, Patsy did not ask God to take away her fear first. Barbara did not ask God to heal her of the discomfort of large crowds. Luci did not ask God to bring her a mate to carry her bags and Marilyn did not ask God to guarantee it would be a success if she stopped what she was doing to join in. All they did was respond to the call and as a result over 5,000,000 have been blessed by their courage. Someone is waiting to be blessed by yours when you stop waiting for God to do what God is waiting for you to do.


Stephen Arterburn is an author, pastor, founder of Women of Faith, and Host of NewLife “Live”




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