Jul 15, 2019


Real relationships are rare, like a diamond in the rough. 

If you have real relationships, you are blessed!   

Real relationships are special and to be handled with care. 

If you have real relationships, you are one of the few! 

Real relationships get me through life and are the best God-given medicine. 

Real relationships are developed over time and requiring intentional effort. 


Maybe you read these statements and wish you could say - YES, I have real relationships!  

Maybe you read these statements and think to yourself - HOW do I develop real relationships? 


I remember a time when all I wanted was to have Real Relationships.  

I have had the surface friendships which left me with dissatisfaction.  

I wanted real, raw conversation; talking about things that truly mattered. 

I wanted friends who would lift my arms up when I felt I could not. 

I prayed and prayed for God to bring me the right women into my life.

Over time, He provided!  

I drew closer and closer to Him. Becoming the woman He wanted me to be. 

And then… women started appearing in my life who I could truly connect with. 

I found my safe place of grace to lock arms with women who truly cared about me.  



Looking back, it would have been so wonderful for a community to provide women in my life to help me grow in all areas of life, especially spiritually.

THIS is why we have A-Groups.  

YOU have the opportunity right in front of you to develop real relationships with women who truly care about you in a safe place of grace.



Christina Lyons is an A-Leader for an A-Group.  She messaged me the other day saying, “Could you tell our Ambassadors that I would love to visit with anyone that doesn't have a group?”  

She is READY and WAITING to help you get started in her A-Group or to help you find one that fits into your schedule.  

Find Christina Lyons or any of our A-Group Leaders in our Women of Faith Ambassador Facebook group today!  

I challenge you to message them and get started in an A-Group.  

Find Real Relationship.

You will be so glad you did. 

We are praying for you to find exactly what you are looking for with Women of Faith Ambassadors. 


I believe real relationships come full circle when meeting in person.  Meet your A-Group in person! 

THIS is one of the many reasons why we have our Be the Light Event in September!  

Check it out here. 



I believe Women of Faith Ambassadors is a place to receive and to GIVE. 

Click here to find out more about becoming a Women of Faith Ambassador with us!

 Alita Reynolds

Foundational Voice with Women of Faith


Alita Reynolds is the Foundational Voice with Women of Faith, Founder of WIMM (Women in Media Ministry), Certified Life Coach, Writer and Speaker. She and her husband, GJ, are the Visionaries of the Women of Faith ministry whose mission is to encourage and equip women to experience a deeper relationship with Jesus. Alita’s life purpose is as simple as her upbringing was on a Nebraska farm, and she works passionately to inspire others to find Jesus. Alita has learned through lots of ups and downs (more downs than one would like to admit!) that there is more to life than what you may currently be experiencing. She fiercely defends and lifts up the hope and grace we can receive in Jesus Christ. She has a love for family, friends, leading, church, mentoring, fitness, summer days, starting new projects, philanthropy, writing, and walking with Jesus, not necessarily in that order! Alita also loves to talk with and interview believers to share their amazing stories of how God’s grace and mercy works in their lives. Alita chooses to create opportunities to encourage everyone to find their God-given purpose, live a life of excellence, elevate all areas of their lives to bring others to Christ, and lock arms together to Be the Light! Alita is real and authentic, with a deep desire to create movements that will radically change the world. The truth is, this all starts at home in Lincoln, Nebraska; and there is no place she would rather be than spending time with her husband, GJ, and three children, Logan-21, Rees-20 and Lexi-14.


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