Marriage, Motherhood, and Mentorship: My 3Ms

Aug 08, 2019

Marriage, Motherhood, and Mentorship: My 3Ms

By Shari Rigby

In the Kendrick Brothers’ new movie OVERCOMER, I play Amy Harrison, wife and partner to Coach John Harrison (played by Alex Kendrick). Amy is a boy mom to two spirited young men and a mentor to Hannah, one of her high-school students and a cross-country runner coached by John.

I love how this film mimics real life. It makes it relatable to audiences of all ages and allows you to see yourself on the screen. When I read the script, I was able to see myself in my character. We had so much in common: I am a mother of two boys, a wife and partner to my husband Matt (who loves to coach soccer), and a mentor to young women.

Oh, and I'm also an actress, writer, producer, and director. As you can see, my time is limited, but my calling is specific. As I tackle motherhood, marriage, and mentoring, my calling is to glorify Jesus. Period. No matter what my job title is.

This truth came to life for me during a scene between John and Amy when everything is crashing down around John. Amy is doing her best to hold his arms up so he doesn't drown, but John and Amy find themselves in a heated argument. After storming off, Amy heads back out to find John sitting in the carport sulking.

She speaks truth to him with honor and respect for him as a man, their marriage, and their children. As they apologize to one another, their boys are watching from the window, and are reassured that their parents are going to be all right. The boys see a healthy resolution.

This scene is so important. It speaks volumes to me as a wife: I have the power to speak truth and love to my husband, to be his helpmate and encourage him in his time of need. Amy’s character reminded me that in my own life, the way I love and respect my husband overflows to my boys, and they also see how a husband is to love his wife.

Everyone is watching—a Godly approach trickles down and flows into all areas of life. As a mentor, one of my greatest joys is receiving a phone call from one of my sweet girls telling me that she is engaged. She believes in marriage and family once again after years of hanging out with Matt, me, and our boys. Witnessing our family and seeing these examples has restored her hope in marriage, motherhood, and mentoring as well.

The overflow of a healthy marriage allows us to be a bright shining light, an example to all those we encounter—our children, co-workers, family, friends, and the ones we mentor. In a world full of fatherless children, divorce, and abuse, we must take a Godly approach.

I am grateful the Kendrick Brothers focus on Godly principles that strengthen our relationship with our Heavenly Father and our relationships with others. I can’t wait for you to see OVERCOMER beginning August 23!


Shari Rigby is an actress, director, writer, and inspirational speaker Shari Rigby is outspoken and passionate about her faith and family. She has appeared in "The Young and the Restless" and "The Bold and the Beautiful," as well as in the feature films, THE LEAST OF THESE, NOT TODAY, which received seven awards including an IFFF Spirit Award and Best Justice Film, and OCTOBER BABY, named one of the “Top 15 Impressive Box Office Performances of 2012” by CNN. Shari founded “The Women in My World,” a women's group focusing on identity, purpose, ministry, serving others and living life in Hollywood. Shari and her husband, Matt, have been married 22 years and have two sons.


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