New Wine: Put Through The Wringer

May 30, 2019

Have you heard the saying, “I’ve really been put through the wringer!”?  Maybe this is a Midwestern term and maybe it is not used quite as often any more, but have you ever felt like you have been “Put through the wringer”?

In the, “ahem,” olden days, before our convenient washers with all the fancy selections of exactly the way we want to wash our clothes, women had to use a wringer washer. Perhaps you have used one or your mother or grandmother used to use one. I remember going to antique auctions with my mom, and she would explain how they worked.  Clothes were washed and then cranked through the rollers so that excess water was squeezed out of it, making it easier to hang them on the clothesline. The rollers were called a mangle, as running the device could be dangerous. She shared with me the agony my grandma had using it with six children, she had her fair share of this laborious work.  Her main point was: Don’t get your fingers or hand or arm caught! There definitely was a reason it was called a mangle!

What’s kind of crazy is even if you wring out clothing several times, more water can be twisted out of it.  Place one hand on one end of the clothing, the other hand on the other end, twist and twist some more, more water will come out.  Just when you thought there was nothing left, we twist out even more water. 

Ok, now that you have had a tutorial, in case you needed it, :) here is my point:  Have you ever felt like you have been put through the wringer? Maybe you’ve felt this more than once in life.  I know I have! Sometimes it seems like it happens over and over. It becomes pretty painful; and if you are anything like me, the questions start:  “Why me? When will this ever end? Why does this continue to happen? Could this be a little less painful? Aren’t I wrung out enough? Just hang me out to dry already!”

Well, this is exactly what God does with us, His beloved children.  He wrings, twists and squeezes all He can out of us. He wants to get rid of the dirt, the stains, the impurities in us until we come out the other side all nice and clean.  Not clean enough, let’s go through it once more. But why? Why does He do this? It can be a painful experience. I don’t think anybody would choose to be put through the wringer over and over.  However, I have learned from personal experience to be thankful for this kind of pain.

So what is the result? God wants our character to be built.  He wants to wring out all our iniquities. He wants us to be cleansed from our sinful choices. He wants us to be purified in this painful process so He can use us for His purpose and His glory.

It is never fun to go through the process, but once we have and we look back, we say,  ooohhh, that is what that was all for! I get it now! It WAS worth it. Thank you, LORD, for putting me through the wringer.  I’m on the other side, I see what You have done in my life, and for that, I am thankful. Who thought we could be thankful for being put through the wringer?  Me, that’s for sure!

In the month of June, our Women of Faith Ambassadors will learn more about the process God takes us through to purify us. We call the series New Wine.  Just like there is a process we go through personally when we are put through the wringer, there is a process to making new wine as well. The grapes have to be pressed and squeezed in order for the process to work. If we allow the process, as hard as it is at times, to do its work within us, we have the opportunity to walk alongside Jesus and be the New Wine for Him too. Will you allow the process to purify you into New Wine? Join us in June and experience the journey with us.

Click here to learn more about becoming a Women of Faith Ambassador.

Alita Reynolds is the Foundational Voice with Women of Faith, Founder of WIMM (Women in Media Ministry), Certified Life Coach, Writer and Speaker. She and her husband, GJ, are the Visionaries of the Women of Faith ministry whose mission is to encourage and equip women to experience a deeper relationship with Jesus. Alita’s life purpose is as simple as her upbringing was on a Nebraska farm, and she works passionately to inspire others to find Jesus. Alita has learned through lots of ups and downs (more downs than one would like to admit!) that there is more to life than what you may currently be experiencing. She fiercely defends and lifts up the hope and grace we can receive in Jesus Christ. She has a love for family, friends, leading, church, mentoring, fitness, summer days, starting new projects, philanthropy, writing, and walking with Jesus, not necessarily in that order! Alita also loves to talk with and interview believers to share their amazing stories of how God’s grace and mercy works in their lives. Alita chooses to create opportunities to encourage everyone to find their God-given purpose, live a life of excellence, elevate all areas of their lives to bring others to Christ, and lock arms together to Be the Light! Alita is real and authentic, with a deep desire to create movements that will radically change the world. The truth is this all starts at home in Lincoln, Nebraska; and there is no place she would rather be than spending time with her husband, GJ, and three children, Logan-21, Rees-20 and Lexi-14.


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