The Crucible of Doubt

Sep 23, 2019

I find that those who walked with God in the Old Testament seem far more honest than some of us today. The psalmist D0avid, for example, was brutally honest with God. The prophets poured out their hearts to God; Job railed against God. Those who were able to bring their doubts and fears, however raw, into the presence of God, and who truly wrestled with their faith, found a faith that could withstand anything.

The apostle Peter was pretty sure that whatever Jesus needed, he was the man for the job. But as he faced the greatest failure of his life, he was about to be transformed . . . into a man of faith.

Doubts unexpressed isolate us and drive us from the heart of God. God’s heart is big enough to carry whatever burden you are bearing.

Do you doubt that God loves you?

Do you doubt that He cares?

Do you doubt that He will see you through any and every circumstance?

I encourage you to bring your doubts to Him. He can be trusted with your questions.

Excerpted from A Grand New Day. © 2008 (Thomas Nelson) Used by permission.


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