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Whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles. —Proverbs 21:23


Women of Faith is a global ministry, providing digital media, resources and events to encourage and equip women to experience a deeper relationship with Jesus.  Initiatives and programs allow women to be reached with the Word of God. Various media and events are utilized in delivering the message.  Women of Faith's Foundational Voice is Alita Reynolds. 

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“My heart is breaking as I remember how it used to be.” Psalm 42

I remember sitting in my daddy’s lap while we watched Bo and Luke Duke outfox Boss Hogg on The Dukes of Hazard. Yee-haw! I recall my parents moving me into the dorm and saying to my mom, “Well, you aren’t just going to just leave me here, are you?” Yes. I think that was the general idea. I remember the first time I talked to my husband on the phone while sitting on my parents’ bed, twirling the phone cord in my fingers. And I can still hear my babies’ first cries and think back upon weeping as I held their tiny bodies. I recollect times when I felt so close to Jesus that I was literally surrounded by Him.

Warm, fuzzy memories are great. They usually bring a smile to our face and a little pep to our step. But oddly enough, there are times when remembering the good ol’ days can also break our hearts. Can you relate to this part of Psalm 42: “My heart is breaking...

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Rudy: My Story

It is amazing how a movie can touch your life. I remember watching the powerful film Rocky just after I graduated from the University of Notre Dame, followed by Rocky II a couple of years after that. I remember that overwhelming feeling as I left the theater of just wanting to go run up some stairs somewhere and throw my hands in the air. That feeling that I could do anything. That I could conquer the world.

The funny thing was, I had conquered the world—or at least a small part of it. I already had a Rocky moment in my real life. I had already accomplished more than anyone else ever dreamed I could. Like Rocky Balboa, I had proved all the naysayers wrong. I won. In my own way, on my own path, I won. Me! A stocky, messed-up kid from Joliet, Illinois, whom some people doubted would graduate high school, had gone on to play for the University of Notre Dame football team and to earn myself a top-notch college education.

And I was just getting started.

Watching Rocky,...

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Studying the Bible

All of Scripture is God-breathed; in its inspired voice, we hear useful teaching, rebuke, correction, instruction, and training for a life that is right so that God’s people may be up to the task ahead and have all they need to accomplish every good work.—2 Timothy 3:16-17

Psalm 119 describes God’s Word as a lamp for our feet and a light for our path. Below you’ll see some options for Bible studies that will help light your way along life’s path. Some are books, some are videos, and some are a combination of the two. There are even some free online options for you to check out, including Christian blogs with Bible studies as part of their posts. You’ll find studies you can do alone and studies you can do with a group. Many (but not all) were written by our lineup of Christian women speakers; some are specifically Bible studies for women while others are studies men would enjoy, as well. Some studies have versions for adults, teens, and children so...

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A group of us from Good News Church got together to go to the 2014 Women of Faith conference in Orlando, FL. It was a very mixed group—from as young as teenagers to women in their seventies; from first-timers going to a conference to veterans who had been to many. We weren't a very large group and so we were able to connect with ladies that we had never previously connected with even though we went to the same church every week. If that wasn't enough of a blessing in and of itself, what continued to happen really impacted me, a veteran of women's conferences and studies.

First was the seventy years-plus first-timer who sponsored a child before the end of the conference and is stillon fire with a burning for volunteering and inspiring others to volunteer that came from Matthew West's performance of "Do Something."

But the story doesn't end there: You see, here at Good News Church we have a Women's Prayer Group that meets every Friday, which I facilitate. I had already...

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You’ll Get Through This

You’ll Get Through This

by Max Lucado

You’ll get through this.

It won’t be painless.

It won’t be quick.

But God will use this mess for good.

Don’t be foolish or naïve.

But don’t despair either.

With God’s help, you’ll get through this.

You fear you won't make it through. We all do. We fear that the depression will never lift, the yelling will never stop, the pain will never leave. In the pits, surrounded by steep walls and aching reminders, we wonder: Will this gray sky ever brighten? This load ever lighten?

God Will Carry You Through is the gift book version of Max Lucado’s bestselling You’ll Get Through ThisIt includes an abridged version of Max’s You’ll Get Through Thismessage plus personal testimonies by everyday people who discovered that “God had carried them through” as well as quotes and Scripture passages for meditation. This special Women of Faith Edition includes a...

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The Gift of Age

What does your age really represent? Days and nights spent living your life, coming through a myriad of experiences that sometimes seem mind-numbingly monotonous, only to be interrupted by life-altering surprises and unforeseen tragedies. Your age reflects years of (hopefully) collected wisdom.

Your age also represents mounds of memories. You’ve exchanged some of the energy of youth for them, but the higher the number on your birthday card, the more wealth you have in your little treasure trove of reminiscences.

In our culture, our age is viewed as some kind of disease that, if we just keep treating it, might be defeated or go away altogether. Like we can somehow push back the edges of mortality. The only thing we’re pushing back is the edges of our acceptance of the gifts of time and the physical limitations that make the interior gifts more precious.

So you’ve got a year or two on your friends. So you’ve got a wrinkle or two. So your hair is changing color...

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The Light That Shines From Within

I have always loved stained glass windows. Since childhood while attending church, I would sit fixated on the stained glass windows in the sanctuary. It was something I had always wanted to learn but only recently was I finally able to acquire the skill of how to make them. I only took four classes but I was consumed by it, loving the creativeness . . . until the death of my only child, Ryan.

After that, my artistic interest waned. I was lost in deep mourning and all attention to that wonderful pastime disappeared. Instead of spending hours in my shop designing and making glass panels; I spent hours in the darkness of grief. I thought I would never feel that creativity within me again.

After eight months I told myself it was time to start thinking about doing a glass project. As I looked at the shards of glass that had been left scattered on my work table; I began to see that my life was much the same as those random fragments. A life shattered by tragedy. Each piece of glass...

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Be Quiet and Listen

Taking time to listen to God and to discern what He’s calling us to do is a discipline we all can embrace. Sometimes in our great need to be heard we forget that listening allows God to be heard. I believe I’ve learned more in the silence, listening to Him, than I’ve ever learned as I prayed and begged Him for answers. At times I wasn’t even asking the right questions, but when I quieted my mind and listened, really listened, I heard what I needed to hear.

Contemplative listening is a rich experience for those willing to make time to be still in God’s presence. Set aside ten minutes and just be quiet. Turn off the music, the phone, and the television. Be quiet and invite God to speak to you in your spirit. As you grow comfortable with the silence and learn to hear God’s voice, I think you’ll want to set aside longer periods of time in which you deliberately listen for His counsel.

When I actually get quiet and listen, I find that God usually...

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Supernatural Surprises

supernatural surprises Jan 12, 2015

In general, I’ve discovered there are two types of women: those who love women’s conferences/retreats and those who do not. I fall into the former category. I absolutely love women, hearing from them, learning from them, being challenged by them. Tell me when/where, and I’m there.

A friend of mine (a fellow conference-attender) flew into town to join me for the OKC Women of Faith conference. We’ve been before. In fact, I’ve been many, many times. I go expecting to love it. And this time my expectation was no different.

But this year my expectations went no further than that. Time away from the demands of life, surrounded by godly women, awesome music, and some good speakers/storytellers. My idea of a good weekend. I didn’t expect what happened.

God. That’s what happened. I mean, He’s always there. But this time He was in my stuff. Before we left the opening session Friday night I knew this was no ordinary weekend conference. And by the...

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