The Light That Shines From Within

May 01, 2015

I have always loved stained glass windows. Since childhood while attending church, I would sit fixated on the stained glass windows in the sanctuary. It was something I had always wanted to learn but only recently was I finally able to acquire the skill of how to make them. I only took four classes but I was consumed by it, loving the creativeness . . . until the death of my only child, Ryan.

After that, my artistic interest waned. I was lost in deep mourning and all attention to that wonderful pastime disappeared. Instead of spending hours in my shop designing and making glass panels; I spent hours in the darkness of grief. I thought I would never feel that creativity within me again.

After eight months I told myself it was time to start thinking about doing a glass project. As I looked at the shards of glass that had been left scattered on my work table; I began to see that my life was much the same as those random fragments. A life shattered by tragedy. Each piece of glass...

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