Holy Spirit in Real Time

Oct 10, 2019

Holy Spirit in Real Time

I remember the conversation like it was yesterday. I received a phone call
from a woman from my church who was in extreme crisis. As she shared her
story with me, I could hear the depth of her pain. She relayed in detail the
suicidal thoughts she was having as a result of the years of sexual abuse she
had suffered as a child, and her despair was deep and real and frightening.
My heart broke as I listened to her, but I immediately felt overwhelmed and
This conversation occurred over 20 years ago, but I vividly remember the
initial panic that overcame me. How could I possibly help her? Why was she
calling me? Why wasn’t she going to our pastor or a trained counselor? What
could I say to keep her from harming herself?
I remember immediately saying a prayer in my head and asking the Holy
Spirit to guide my words. I had not experienced the things she was going
through, but I knew clearly that God wanted me to be there for her in this
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