God's Comfort

Jun 18, 2019

Have you ever had a season in your life where you were so aware of the pain of people you love? A few years ago a friend was battling aggressive cancer, while another was shattered by her child’s failure. I felt helpless. I so wanted to “fix” their hearts and change their circumstances, but it was outside my job description.

One night I awoke in the wee hours and penned these words;

May He who holds the sparrow
In the palm of His hand

And causes flowers to blossom
Across the desert sand

May He who lights the heavens
And sets the stars in place

Guide you through the valley
And reveal to you His face.

May the Lord who gathers storm clouds
And fills them with rain

To water earth’s parched soil
That the land might give forth grain

May He move upon your heart
In the midst of life’s distress

In such a way that you might know
The kindness of His press.

For He who formed the mountains
And carved out the sea

Is He who has promised
To shelter you and me.

His wings are extended
That we might draw near

To hear His constant heartbeat
And calm our every fear.

Our Alpha and Omega
Our Refuge, Our Friend

The One who holds the wind at bay
Whose days will never end

His plan is eternal
Not hampered by this life

He is our Holy Groom
And we shall be His wife.

Then finally we will know
The wonders of life’s haze

As I Am reveals to us
The mystery of His ways.

So rest in God’s comfort
And be assured, dear one

He who does all things well
Will complete what He’s begun.

Perhaps you are stumbling through uncertainty in your life . . . it’s my prayer you might be encouraged. Spilling out your heart onto paper can help you “organize” your disarrayed emotions and allow light into brooding thoughts. Your hand becomes an extension of your heart allowing you to safely write what might feel scary to say. Written expressions can even give you clarity and relief.

May I suggest you take just a few moments right now and begin to write in whatever form is most comfortable for you.

Don’t know where to begin?

Start with a question… “Today I’m feeling…?” (i.e. safe, sorrowful, insecure, dishonest, hopeful, irked, hurt, threatened, joyous, overwhelmed etc.)




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