What Is Identity?


As we define our identity, we're not going to look at your demographics. We're not going to look at are you single? Are you married? How many kids do you have? How many kids do you not have? What whatever, we're not going to look at those things. Because that's so different for so many of us. And you said, and I love that line about comparison kills what God is trying to grow. I think that's one of the areas that we really tried to are, we are tempted to compare our identities with another person's identity.

So we're going to look more at your distinct personality, we're going to define your identity by your personality, your physical characteristics, not your body size, all of those things, but, you know, I have freckles from my dad. You know, that's, that's something from me, I have hair color from Dad, I get you know, I walk like my mom, I mean, those types of physical characteristics, not shame or pride in how you're built or what your body size or, or appearance may be. So it includes your identity includes your genetic traits, were who were you created to be your Creator made you?

So it's kind of your characteristics across time and circumstances? Not your demographics? Are you an introvert, are you an extrovert, we talk a lot about any brands and personality types.

People are really into those things that says a little bit more about who you are. Do you strike somewhere kind of in between? I mean, I have those moments I, I love to be with people, but then I get to that moment where I need to have alone time, or I'm cranky. Are you loyal? Are you funny? Are you inquisitive? Are you a deep thinker? Identity involves both your inner character and your outer content, your outer conduct. Those are the things about you that make you different from other people.

Are you a natural leader? Do you play instruments? We're trying to give you some ideas and some thoughts as we're thinking through this. Are you a reader? Do you love solving problems?

Your identity is made up of your natural personality and your physical characteristics, along with your inner character and outer conduct.

- Haley Scully, Master Life Coach

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