Oct 01, 2016

A group of us from Good News Church got together to go to the 2014 Women of Faith conference in Orlando, FL. It was a very mixed group—from as young as teenagers to women in their seventies; from first-timers going to a conference to veterans who had been to many. We weren't a very large group and so we were able to connect with ladies that we had never previously connected with even though we went to the same church every week. If that wasn't enough of a blessing in and of itself, what continued to happen really impacted me, a veteran of women's conferences and studies.

First was the seventy years-plus first-timer who sponsored a child before the end of the conference and is stillon fire with a burning for volunteering and inspiring others to volunteer that came from Matthew West's performance of "Do Something."

But the story doesn't end there: You see, here at Good News Church we have a Women's Prayer Group that meets every Friday, which I facilitate. I had already...

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